2021-2022 School Calendar

What is ADSY Intersession?
ADSY stands for Additional Day School Year. This is an option provided through House Bill 3 that provides additional learning days for struggling learners. PBTISD is using this opportunity to provide remediation opportunities throughout the year instead of waiting to do them all in the summer. Intercession weeks are October 11-15, 2021 and February 21-25, 2022. The first day of the week is a holiday for everyone with the next four days reserved for small group remediation. Additional days will be May 31 - June 24, 2022.

Who goes to school on ADSY days?
We will use a variety of data sources including STAAR scores and NWEA Map Growth Assessments to determine which students would most benefit from small group instruction during ADSY days.  

What if a student doesn’t qualify for ADSY?  Can they still attend school?
Students who are not selected for ADSY but would like to attend school during the October and February weeks have the option of applying for specific enrichment activities. Students chosen for these activities will be required to attend all four days of the intercession week.  More information will be provided after the start of the school year.
What other services will be available to students during ADSY?
We will provide traditional transportation and food services for students participating in ADSY.

What are the hours for ADSY?
ADSY days will be the same hours as regular school days.

Why are there no Bad Weather Days on the calendar?
The calendar was created in a way that will compensate for bad weather days if needed.

Are there any changes to school hours next year?
Yes!  Students will go to school 15 minutes longer each day (8:00 - 3:45).  We will be providing breakfast to every PBTISD student free of charge in their classrooms. The extra 15 minutes will allow this to happen without losing instructional minutes.

Why did we go back to 9 weeks instead of the 6 weeks reporting periods?
Quarterly reporting of grades aligns more closely with curriculum, instruction, and testing schedules.  
How will 9 weeks impact UIL eligibility? 
UIL eligibility will be based on progress reporting grades when applicable. It will be essential that teachers follow grading guidelines and post grades frequently. We must commit as educators to do our part so students are not negatively impacted.

What are Data Dig (DD) days?
Several times during the school year teachers will have an afternoon to collaborate in Professional Learning Communities to discuss student progress and make plans moving forward. Students will only attend school in the morning.
How will intersession weeks in October and February impact athletic teams?
District competitions will continue during these weeks just as they would during spring break and Christmas break.  Work outside of the traditional school day is compensated in coaching stipends. Student athletes and families should be made aware of competitions during intercession weeks early in the season so they can plan accordingly.
Will the daycare be open during intersession weeks?
It will be open for children of the students and staff members participating in intercession weeks.