Child Nutrition

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Child Nutrition Department
Phone: 432-447-7566 Fax: 432-447-7209
1306 S Park, across the street from the high school.
Go to the building that says PBT ISD police and we're in there.

The Child Nutrition Department provides quality child nutrition to students of the district.
The food service office is open from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Child Nutrition Team

Joy Peters
Child Nutrition Director
[email protected]
432-447-7566 ext. 6090

Tony Hinojoz
District Chef
[email protected]

Jeannette Mata
[email protected]
432-447-7566 ext. 6091


Campus Cafeteria Managers

Florence Natividad
Cafeteria Manager - Kindergarten
[email protected]
(432) 447-7622

Julie Licon
Cafeteria Manager - Austin
[email protected]
(432) 447-7593

Sulema Flores
Cafeteria Manager - Bessie Haynes
[email protected]
(432) 447-7536

Rosa Navarette
Cafeteria Manager - Crockett
[email protected]
(432) 447-7494

Bernadine Muela
Cafeteria Manager - High School
[email protected]
(432) 447-7458

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