Parent & Student Self Serve

The Parent Self-Serve program will provide access for parents to specifically authorized student data including, attendance, assignments, and grades. Parents can also set up email alerts that will be sent whenever their child is absent or a grade is entered that falls below a value determined by the parent. 

This portal builds awareness between parents, teachers, and students. Informed parents help students realize their potential and transform the education process!

The Student Self-Serve helps students become advocates for their educational journey by providing access to their grades and attendance.

PBTISD Parent Self Serve is Mobile!

Follow the instructions below to set up Parent Self Serve on your mobile device!

*You must register your account online before setting up on mobile!*

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Launch the App

Choose District: Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD

Select Settings: Student/Parent

Step 3: Enter Portal Account to Sign-In

Enter your Username and Password

Select Log In/Sign In

For more detailed information view our Parent Self Serve Mobile Instructions

Please contact your child's campus PEIMS Clerk if you are having issues or fill out a "Just Ask" form here.